Monday, June 26, 2006

In the Beginning....

So...Ive decided since I finished those two squares for my stitchmysquare Livejournal group, that I'd go back to my old standby, the somewhat god forsaken Dr Who Scarf. And talking about that scarf makes me want to talk about how it came to be. But this cant be told without telling the history of how I came to be a knitter.

It all started two winters ago. The first semester of my sophomore year at SUNY New Paltz was coming to an end and I needed something to keep myself busy over the month-long winter break. I decided to learn to crochet. I told my friend Thomas that I'd make him an insanely long scarf for Christmas.

Well, unfortunately, I was never one to learn from still pictures, so the little 2 dollar 'learn to crochet' book wasn't cutting it. But I promised Thomas a scarf, and I was gonna keep that promise.

I remembered a sort of contraption my grandmother had given me years ago. It was a tiny tube with little nubbins on the end, and when you wrapped the yarn in such a way, and pulled the bottom loop over the top, it made a sort of tube of yarn fabric (we all know this as a french knitter for icord, these days). So what did I do? The crafty genes I inherited from my maternal grandmother kicked 2:30 that morning

So I wandered around the house, finally finding the things I needed, some knex, some masking tape, and the top to one of those buckets of popcorn everyone gives out for christmas. I then found an old pair of scissors and a nail and went to work. I cut the center out of the top, leaving a 10-inch ring. Then I wrapped it in masking tape to cover the sharp edges. After that, I took the medium-length knex (about an inch and a half long) and started securing them at about half inch intervals around the ring. When I was done, I had a thingy (or a knifty knitter, if you want to name it PROPERLY). I bought some Brown and Pink yarn, and a latch-hook, and went to work.

Regardless, I didnt finish that damn scarf until around November of my Junior year. The scarf took me ten damn months. Whatever. I made some smaller loons, but never really used them.

The real story of my knitting began only 6 months ago, once again shortly before Christmas break. I had a sudden desire to learn to knit, and my friend bought me my first pair of knitting needles (10-inch aluminum Boye size 10.5). Using the videos on knittinghelp, I learned to knit. With some cheap blue acrylic red heart yarn, I made my first scarf, a late Christmas present for my dad. He loved it (even though it was awful and went from 12 to 15 stitches suddenly after the first 4 inches). I was hooked.

I forgot to mention something though. Before I went away, I told my friend Justin I was gonna learn to knit. Intrigued, he asked if, when I came back, I had been successful, if Id be interested in making a Dr Who scarf for his brother, an insane fan. Having never heard of Dr Who...I told him if he found the pattern and bought the yarn, then sure. My mistake....

So I came back, and as promised, cast on for the scarf in February using the pattern Justins brother hand picked. But like any knitter, one project is never enough.

So I cast on for several other projects (some seen in the FO files here, some in the UFO section, some frogged, and some have no pics). I also joined the stitch my square group, which required me to cast on and bind off an 8x8 square once a month. The Dr Who scarf was worked on, but was sometimes set aside for something more interesting that 10 feet of garter stitch.

Which brings us to now, 4 months later. With the scarf only half done, Ive decided to try my damnedest to work only on this scarf for as long as I can, an attemt to try and finish it. Im hoping that I can get it done before the end of July, if not that, then at least before the end of the summer. The scarf is quickly becoming a nuisance, especially considering I only got about 15 dollars worth of yarn for it (not including the scraps from the scarf itself, which will be used to make my first felted bag). But I will plow through....and succeed.

Now if youre curious about the pictures....that is me finishing up the brown and changing to tan via spit splice....officially moving past the halfway mark on the scarf...after the picture where Im licking the yarn...that is in fact me being disgusted by a bit o' wool caught in my mouth....Who ever said knitting was glamouous?


At 9:52 AM, Blogger Kristen said...

Those pants are awesome!

My husband keeps asking for a Doctor Who scarf, and I keep telling him it would be a great beginner project if he wants to learn to knit garter stitch for months on end.


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